Párraga Centre

The Párraga Centre, Contemporary Culture Centre of the Region of Murcia, aims to develop contemporary art and the performing arts in their most experimental forms. Creative residencies and workshops take place in its stage box as well as a careful programme of dance and theatre works in non-conventional formats. The exhibition spaces show the projects of artists working in the hybrid field of art and the stage. In addition, it articulates a programme of transversal activities where the young talent of the Region of Murcia is made visible through fashion, design, communication and music.

It began its activity in 2005 as a space for dialogue between contemporary artistic production and its relationship with the cultural fabric of our immediate surroundings, equipping itself with the resources to become an instrument of cohesion between creators and the public. Its facilities are located in the 5th pavilion of the old artillery barracks of Murcia city and are work spaces equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the development of multiple formats of cultural activities.

Without ever losing sight of the concepts of artistic research, innovation and experimentation -one of the most dynamic and enriching formulas of contemporary culture-, the Párraga Centre is an open space that does not forget its concern for the insertion of creations in the fabric of the cultural industry, giving importance to the production process from the moment they are generated until they are exhibited.

Madre Elisa Oliver Molina
Former Artillery Barracks - Pavilion 5
30002 Murcia, Spain

+34 868 91 47 69