Focusing on the study of contemporary art and culture, this is a unique centre, the first Centre for Documentation and Advanced Studies in Contemporary Art opened in Spain, which is nationally and internationally recognised for its crucial contribution to contemporary thought and culture. Since its creation in Murcia in 2003, in addition to revitalising the cultural network of the Region, it has served as a space that encourages reflection and analytical thought, as well as the study of history, theory and criticism of contemporary art in the field of visual arts such as film, photography, performance and architecture, among others.

CENDEAC has a library whose main objective is to document, disseminate and make culture and knowledge more accessible. To this end, in addition to a well-equipped and up-to-date documentary collection, it has a YouTube channel where almost all the conferences that have been held at the centre are available, as well as numerous interviews with creators and artists who talk about their work. The centre also has its own editorial line and a continuous programme of courses and seminars, with all of which it aims to devise projects and formats that promote, generate and document reflection and knowledge about contemporary art and culture.

Madre Elisa Oliver Molina
Former Artillery Barracks - Pavilion 5
30002 Murcia, Spain

Monday to Thursday
9am - 2pm / 4pm - 8pm

9am - 2pm

+34 868 91 43 85