Culture opens the call for the selection of artists and projects of the 2020 Exhibition Spaces Plan

The Community allocates 100,000 euros to the realization of samples in halls throughout the Region of Murcia


The Ministry of Education and Culture has opened the call for the 2020 Exhibition Spaces Plan for the presentation of projects that will be exhibited in the halls of the municipalities throughout the year. Until March 4, city councils and artists may also join this initiative, as stated in the resolution published on the website of the Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts (

The general director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts, Juan Antonio Lorca, indicated that “during the past year a total of 59 exhibitions were organized in some thirty municipalities that have allowed the public to enjoy 67 artists and artistic collectives from the Region of Murcia, with whom we are committed from the regional government to help them in the dissemination and enhancement of their work, thus also bringing contemporary art to the whole of society ”.

The good reception of this project has led to the launching of this new call for the Exhibition Spaces Plan, endowed with 100,000 euros, which will contribute to expanding the programming of activities in all municipalities in order to contribute to the visual arts reaching the whole of citizenship.

Interested city councils can now formally submit their applications, in which they must specify the rooms with which they wish to adhere to the 2020 Exhibition Spaces Plan. Likewise, artists of any discipline can also present their projects. The creators must be of legal age, be registered in the Region, have carried out at least one individual or two group exhibitions in a stable exhibition space and have a published catalog.

The project they present will include photographic material of the works that could be included in it and all the documentation considered of interest. The material will be delivered in digital format and each artist may only submit a single proposal.

A technical commission made up of professionals from institutions such as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Murcia, as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture, will assess the proposals based on criteria such as their novelty and coherence, their exhibition design, quality, aesthetics. and functionality, as well as economic feasibility and the technique used.

From Culture the list of exhibition projects will be made, which will be offered to the municipalities so that they can select a maximum of two exhibitions that they wish to show in their municipalities. Each artist may also exhibit in two different municipalities.

The final exhibition calendar will also be made by the Ministry of Education and Culture to ensure that exhibitions are not repeated in nearby spaces and so that the maximum number of creators and rooms can benefit from this initiative. Also from Culture the catalog and different material will be designed to promote the exhibition and the transportation costs of the works will be assumed.